Do You Know Why Your AC Keeps Tripping the MCB?

The weather in Singapore is hot and humid, necessitating the installation of A/C in homes and offices. Air conditioners provide a refreshing air that allows families to relax in their home and can get sound sleep sound at night.

Office workers also benefit from a favourable environment in which they can remain alert, increasing their productivity. As a result, the constant tripping of your A/C, whether in the office or at home, can be a major source of concern.

If your air conditioner continues to trip, it could be damaged and also can catch fire. You should avoid repeatedly resetting your MCB to keep the unit turned on. However, the first step should be to identify the source of tripping.

It is also important that you must do your AC maintenance service regularly to avoid such a situation. You must contact Aircon Servicing in Singapore if you ever come into such a situation.

The following are the possible reasons for the constant MCB tripping of the A/C.

1.   Erratic settings of your aircon

Check if you have set your AC on the power-saving mode by mistake, as in that case too, the compressor will repeatedly switch on and off.

2.   The air filter may be dirty

The dirty air filter can often result in such problem that needs to always maintain clean.

3.   The external unit is dirty

Even if your external unit gets too dirty can also cause your MCB tripping. So maintain it clean at a certain frequency.

4.   Dirt must have accumulated in your compressor

If the comprfessor gets too dirty then it may draw an excessive amount of current and as result, your MCB may often trip.

5.   Short-circuiting of the motor

Often the insulation of wire may break if the unit is running for a long time and short-circuiting may take place to trip the MCB.

6.   The MCB may be faulty

There is also a chance that the MCB itself has become faulty and tripping unnecessarily again and again.

7.   A faulty electronic PCB

Any component failure on the printed circuit contril board can often be the culprit and in such case, only a professional can check it.

8.   Inadequate refrigerant

Lack of refrigerant can overheat and cause a short circuit and trip the MCB.

9.   Your compressor might have difficulty in starting

If your compressor is taking excessive current then it may not start easily and cause MCB tripping.

10.               Your safety switch can be the problem

Often the safety switch can also be the culprit.

11.               The compressor must have grounded

This can happen when the electrical winding of your compressor breaks and will touch the sides of your compressor.

If you are not able to locate a suitable service provider or technician nearby then you may also contact your Facebook friends and you may also get a tip from them on how to identify the problem in a DIY way too.

You should never treat this MCB tripping problem very lightly as it can result in devasting damage to your AC unit and then you may need a very expensive repair service.

Clare Louise