Everything You Should Know: The Rules of 8 Ball Pool

The rules of 8 ball pool are pretty simple if you have the dedication to learn them. It involves pocketing of the ball on a billiard board. Moreover, the main object to play the game is the cue ball. The name 8 Ball Pool itself arouses some curiosity among the beginners. However, once you start playing, it can become an addiction soon.

The call shot game consists of 15 numbered balls. In terms of the pool, they are commonly known as the object balls. The series of numbers is from 1 to 15. Therefore, the player is responsible for pocketing one ball from his group and other balls from the opponent’s group. The rules of 8 ball pool are thus thoroughly exciting.

Rules To Make More Money

Often, people get interested to know whether the rules of 8 ball pool can give them money. It is a great subject matter indeed. There are enough opportunities to win attractive prizes with the help of the online 8 ball pool game. However, you can play it for free too.

As per the formal rules of 8 ball pool, a player needs to pocket one ball from his group in the first place. After that, he needs to pocket 8 more balls to win the game. So, this was the shortest description for playing the wonderful game. However, you can find several other innovations on the online mode.

No indication is there for the pockets and the balls. But if the player is not sure about the shot, the opponent can ask questions relating to the shot. There are various kinds of shots in this game. Some of the most common styles in this game include the following;-

  • Alternating Break
  • Jump and Masse Shot Foul
  • Racking the balls
  • Legal break shot
  • Scratch on a legal break
  • 8-Ball pocketed on the break
  • Object balls jumped off the table on the break
  • Open table
  • Legal shot
  • Choice of group
  • Safety shot
  • Foul penalty
  • Combination shots

Legal shooting can only allow a person to continue the game. Moreover, it will also give you fabulous chances to win some amount. After pocketing all the balls in his own group, it is now time to go for the 8th one. In the 8 ball pool game, this shot is the most important step.

Exciting Ways To Play Pool Online

Do you want to play the 8 ball pool game like an expert? The rules of the 8 ball pool game online will let you enjoy the 3D pool competition also. You can also enjoy the challenges with your online friends. Exclusive winnings are possible with the help of exciting strategies.

This style of pool game is one of the most famous ones in the online gaming world. Furthermore, it is a top-rated option among multiplayer. Hence, a player can get a thousand more players to play with him. The online games are available 24/7 to entertain you.

The main objective of the game is to pocket all the balls. The color of one such ball is black. It is the 8th ball in the whole game. The cue ball is white and is used to strike the other balls. In this game, some balls have stripes, while some come with solid colors.

Unless the first ball is pocketed, a player cannot pocket the last and final black ball. So, here lies the actual challenge. If you can pass this, you are the winner. GetMega gives you this chance to have unlimited fun online. The pool game will make you a rich person within a few days. Stay updated on the instructions of the online 8 ball pool games.


The rules of 8 ball pool are fabulous, whether you play it online or offline. Therefore, a player needs to pocket the same type of balls after making a successful pocket. The opponent has to pocket other colored balls. The overall experience is undoubtedly exciting and will let your bags get heavier.

Krystel Carroll