Taste 5 Typical Manado Foods Below!

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In addition to enjoying the natural beauty in Bunaken, you are also obliged to taste a variety of typical culinary delights in Manado. Manado specialties are known to have delicious and unique flavors. From heavy meals to small snacks you can find in Manado. Because it is surrounded by the ocean, many Manado specialties come from the sea. If you are interested in eating a variety of delicious culinary delights, see the complete information below.

  • Manado Porridge/ Tinutuan Porridge

Manado porridge is famous for being rich in nutrients because the ingredients consist of vegetables such as spinach, corn, kale, red sweet potatoes with natural spices. This food will be more delicious if enjoyed with salted fish and Manado spicy chili sauce. Even though it is made from natural ingredients, you don’t need to doubt the deliciousness of Tinutuan porridge.

The nutritional content such as protein, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates is a combination for the delicacy offered by tinutuan porridge. Manado porridge is usually chosen as a healthy breakfast menu for local residents. If you have a chance to vacation here, be sure to taste it.

  • Dabu Dabu

Dabu-dabu is a typical Manado chili sauce that is already popular throughout the country. Sambal dabu dabu is proof that Manado people can’t eat without spicy taste. Dabu dabu is usually served with lime juice and added basil slices. It turns out that sambal dabu-dabu has many variants such as sliced ​​dabu dabu, grilled dabu dabu, dabu dabu lilang, and lemong dabu dabu which makes the food even more delicious. Usually this dabu dabu sauce can be found in restaurants that provide grilled fish.

  • Skipjack Fufu

Cakalang fufu is another Manado specialty that makes you drool. Sea fish meat is very tasty and has many healthy ingredients for the body. Even skipjack is believed to increase intelligence and brain memory and is useful for depression recovery. Skipjack tuna is generally smoked before being processed into various food menus. Usually this skipjack is served with a sauce similar to spicy balado seasoning. If you want a soupy meal, you can try coconut milk skipjack which is no less delicious.

  • Sambal Fried Banana

This Manadonese food has a style that is different from the others. Only in Manado you will find fried bananas served with chili sauce. Fried bananas will be added with spicy chili paste. Although it looks strange, chili fried bananas have become one of the popular Manado specialties and are often consumed by people.

Local people even often enjoy these fried bananas with chili dabu dabu or chili roa. The bananas used are usually shoe bananas or goroho bananas. Surprisingly, the selected goroho banana is a type of banana that is not yet ripe.

  • Klappertaart

Klappertaart is a culinary heritage of the Netherlands which has become a Manado specialty until now. In Dutch, Klappertaart means Coconut Tart because the basic ingredient of this tart is young coconut mixed with milk, cheese, raisins and walnuts.

There are two types of klappertaart, namely burnt klappertaart and unbaked klappertaart which both have a delicious taste. Klappertaart will taste better if stored in the refrigerator first. So after processing, try to store klappertaart in the refrigerator to get extraordinary enjoyment. Klappertaart has a variety of flavors, such as cheese, chocolate and durian. You can also buy Klappertaart as souvenirs to take home later.

Vacation is more than just the food, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Bunaken by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

Harriette Guzman