Vaping Tips and Tricks

No matter your level of vaping knowledge, these tips and tricks can help make your experience with electronic พอต more satisfying.

Recent research on YouTube videos revealed that young people are more likely to try vaping if they see tricks they can do. The researchers speculated that these videos might be part of what makes e-cigarettes so appealing to teens, but more research is needed to fully comprehend how vape trick videos promote teen vaping.

  • French Inhale

The French Inhale commonly referred to as the Irish Waterfall, is a simple yet stylish vaping trick that requires only some practice. Taking a long drag from your vape and pushing out your bottom lip creates a dense cloud of smoke that rises into your nose.

This technique is popular among both cigarette smokers and vapers alike. Not only is it straightforward to master, but it doesn’t get you high either – making it an enjoyable way to show off your smoking prowess!

  • Dragon Inhale

Dragon Inhale commonly referred to as the “Ghost Inhale,” is an easy vape trick that takes practice but looks impressive. Simply blow vapor from your mouth on both sides and exhale through your nose for an impressive effect.

You might need to practice a few times before perfecting this trick, but once you do, it will be an impressive way to amaze.

  • Magic Potion Inhale

In the world of vaping, a magic potion is an intoxicating drink that smells good, tastes good, and gives off an aura of being magical.

Although a magical potion may not be in your budget, there are plenty of tricks and tips you can use to make your vapors taste great. We’ve put together our selection of the best tricks to get you started on your vaping journey; most importantly, have fun!

  • Smoke Ring Inhale

Blowing smoke rings is an exciting way to show off your vaping skills. You might even surprise some of your friends with your newly acquired abilities!

First, inhale slowly and then form an “O” with your lips. Finally, exhale in short, controlled breaths.

Acing the ideal smoke ring takes some practice, but with these six steps, you should be able to achieve consistent results. Why not test it out by puffing out two rings simultaneously!?

Vaping is a safer alternative to smoking and requires some adjustment. With some tips and tricks, however, the process can be made much smoother.

Zetta Gottlieb