Things You Should Know Before Choosing a Monument Sign 

Monument signs, like any other type, are an excellent method to ensure that your company is recognized. They are generally installed on the ground and are permanent outdoor installations. The foundations of monument markers are often composed of various materials, such as stone, wood, metal, or concrete. It is also possible to customize them based on your needs.

Monument signs may help your business in various ways, but there are several things you should consider before constructing monument signs in Ardmore, OK. 

If you are considering acquiring a similar sign for your business, keep the following five factors in mind:


Monument sign design may be customized to your specifications. Signs can be put directly on the ground or slightly elevated; they can have interchangeable writing and even be carved into unusual forms. The simpler the design, though, the easier it will be for people to read. Remember that these signs are primarily intended for vehicular traffic, and persons in fast-moving cars will be unable to read a detailed/complicated sign.

High Visibility

Select a monument sign that is large enough to be seen from a distance and is placed at eye level. Malls and individual businesses should put their signs close to the street or sidewalk and away from the building’s entrance.

These signs may support your marketing and branding initiatives due to their many designs and style options, such as message boards. Bright colors, personalized designs, and illuminated signs may all increase visibility during the day, evening, or early morning.

Durable materials

It is also important to consider the materials of your sign. Choosing a quality and durable sign is important if you want it to last for a long time and be visually appealing.

Due to their outdoor location, monument signs are subject to a variety of environmental factors. Choosing a durable and waterproof material is crucial to the longevity of your sign.

The materials you can choose from include armored foam, brick, stucco, concrete blocks, metal, stone, and wood. Choosing materials that match your company’s distinctive branding might also be a good idea.

LED Lightning 

Lighting for signs has seen a dramatic change thanks to LED technology. LEDs are affordable, dependable, incredibly energy-efficient, and unobtrusive. An adequately lighted sign will improve your visibility at night and throughout the evening hours. Lighting a sign is so cheap that some company owners even leave the lights on all night.


The use of monument signs can make your company visible and memorable at a relatively low cost. However, there are several factors to consider when ensuring your sign is effective. Your sign’s placement may make the difference between an effective sign and one that distracts from other signs.

Choosing the right location for your monument sign is essential. In addition to considering what looks best to you, consider where many people will see your sign to make the greatest impact. Check the visibility of your sign from at least a few feet away.

What Is the Cost of a Monument Sign?

Because monument signs provide many design choices, their cost depends on the specific company’s demands and overall design. They are often planned as permanent or semi-permanent buildings, which means they are meant to last and are, therefore, more expensive.

Because there are several materials that may be used in their construction, the material you select will significantly influence the cost. Some materials are more affordable, while others are more expensive. It is also worth mentioning that the materials you choose will impact the appearance of your company sign.

Choose the best Monument Sign Company in Ardmore, OK.

Incorporating a custom memorial sign is one of the finest investments you can make. Choose a sign that can meet your particular requirements to make your investment profitable.

Hugh Hudson