The first question one should ask in ensuring that Compost is made for one’s garden or used in one’s plant pots should not be how if the what has not been defined. What is composting is an excellent question to start with? It is said to be the natural process of recycling organic matter, such as food wastes or scrap, leaving materials and other substances into a valuable material known as fertilizer that can enrich the soils and plants. Anything that grows gets to decompose in the long run; however, composting helps to speed up the process by always providing a suitable environment for bacteria, fungi, and other decomposing agents such as worms, sow bugs, and nematodes, to carry out their work. The result that is gotten at the end of the decomposing process is known as Compost and is fondly referred to as “black gold” by farmers. 

A perfect garden is defined by good soil and not by the sophistication of the planting materials or by the state of the plant pots; as much as these other materials are important good soil takes a lead above every other thing used in a garden. When soil is properly cared for, it creates a good home for every other thing, and that is why paying attention to ensuring that the soil in the garden is at its best can mean a lot to the order of the plants of the park. When you begin to consider the ingredients needed to grow a successful garden, there are a lot of elements that must be put in place to ensure a proper growing, such as the right amount of sunlight, enough supply of water, and also the quality of the soil which makes the discussion of Compost making quite important. The benefits of making one’s Compost in a garden cannot be overemphasized as it will help greatly in maintaining and enhancing the soil quality and how plants grow.

It is worthy of note to know that Compost can improve any soil if added in the right proportion, even the most challenging kind of soil. Instead of tilling hard-parked soil, which can, in turn, disturb the web of activity from microbes, adding a layer every year will eventually work to transform the soil into loose and friable soil, with consistency and persistency of compost addition.

Hugh Hudson