Seven Crop Top Outfit Trends In 2021

Fashion is the most important thing these days. People don’t just shop for anything. Before they purchase anything, they check all the latest fashion trends.

Nobody likes to wear old-fashion clothes. However, if you want to look good in the clothes you wear, you need to follow all the latest fashion trends.

These days, crops tops are all the rage. Most people prefer wearing these tops as they are trendier and makes you stand out from others.

However, you cannot just wear these tops with any outfit. You need to match it and wear it in different styles. It will not only make your top looks good with improve your entire appearance.

In this article, we will show you seven different ways to wear your crop top. All the ideas are taken from popular celebrities and models.

Seven Ways to Wear Crop Top?

If you have a huge collection of these tops but don’t know how to style them and wear them, we can help you. Follow this guide to learn about seven ways to wear your crop top.

  • With High-Waist Skirt:

This is one of the best ways to wear your top. No matter what type of top it is, you can always wear it with a high-waist skirt. It will help you lessen the gap and show less skin. You can confidently wear this outfit at parties, public outings, gatherings and other occasions.

  • With Mom Jeans:

If you have mom jeans, you can wear these tops with them. As these jeans are high-waisted, you can easily show them off with these tops. You can wear a belt to highlight your outfit. Apart from that, you can wear sneakers or vans to complete the look.

  • With Denim Shorts:

The best way to wear a cute top is with denim jeans. It is one of the most common ways to wear these tops. You can wear it with high-waist shorts. It will make your outfit look good. You can wear a denim jacket or any other jacket to make it look better.

  • With Blazer:

If you want to wear a blazer, you can wear a short top inside it. Most of the models wear these tops with matching pantsuits. However, you can also wear it with other pants and top it with a blazer. It will cover the top from the side. You can also wear glasses and pumps.

  • With Overalls:

When it comes to wearing overalls, people always choose short tops. It is different from most of the outfits and helps you stand out from others. If you are going out with friends or for a picnic or a day out, you can choose this outfit.

  • With Cargo Pants:

If you want a punk look, you can wear these tops with cargo pants. You can choose baggy pants with multiple pockets and wear a plain short top on them. To complete the look, you can wear converse or sports shoes.

  • With Matching Skirt:

This outfit is in trend these days. If you want a retro look, you can wear a top and skirt made of the same material. The matching skirt and top are perfect for parties. You can choose a printed skirt and top.

Harriette Guzman