Know Your Rights and Accident Protection

Thousands of dollars can be lost in damages due to an auto accident; severe injuries may result from that. You should know your rights and responsibilities if you’ve been in a collision.

In addition to the safety of those involved in the accident, the actions of those who are at fault are very important, impacting not only compensation claims and the assignment of fault but also future insurance rates, and that is why you need a motorcycle accident lawyer

Keeping you safe from harm is your right

A person should not be injured in an accident they did not cause, and then to be unable to cope with the consequences without adequate support – that does not make sense to us.

Despite the ease with which accidents are dismissed as ‘happens,’ we know how hard it is to ignore the reality of sustaining an injury. Get a motorcycle accident lawyer to assist you in making things right. It is understandable if you feel traumatized or fearful after an accident. In addition to taking time off work, you may also incur medical treatment costs during your recovery.

Our right to be safe from harm applies to each one of us. All users receive this service, whether they are employees, patients, or the general public. Likewise, if an accident does happen due to unsafe conditions, we all have the right to seek compensation to help us get past the injury and move forward.

Following a traffic accident, you have several responsibilities as well as some rights, including your rights to compensation from the other driver and to claim insurance coverage:

● The driver who caused your injury in a hit-and-run accident has the right to sue you if you were the innocent victim or the accident took place due to their negligence. You would be compensated if you had also lost income due to your injuries recovery and – if you were so severely injured that you met the threshold of being permanently impaired – pain and suffering.

● No-fault insurance can compensate you for injuries sustained by the drivers (or pedestrians). 

● The Ontario Motor Vehicles Accident Claims Fund is a legal fund that compensates people who have been injured by a driver who does not have insurance. 

● Appeals or disputes can be filed by you if the accident benefits insurance company refuses to offer you coverage or provides a settlement offer that is too low. 

We are happy to help you with a motorcycle accident lawyer you have in a no-pressure environment and can answer whether you may be able to make a claim.

Clare Louise