Kinds of Hair Brushes & Features to Make Selection Easy

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When you plan to choose new hair brush, synthetic bristles, natural bristles and mixture of natural and synthetic material can be your choice. Boars are used to make natural bristles. These are best for cleaning the scalp and hair as these help in overcoming elastic and reduce hair breakage. Most of the people prefer natural bristles as these can work longer than other hair brushes. Get Sephora discount code for selecting the desired hair brush on affordable price. As far as the synthetic bristles are concerned, these have nylon material which is inexpensive than that of natural bristles. If you have fine hair and want hair brush to slide through hair than select synthetic hair brush and durable one for thick hair. Always be careful while using a nylon hair brush as its bristles can dissolve under extreme heat.

Categories of Hair Brush

When the bristles are placed in close contact, these work effectively for fine hair. On the other hand, more distance among bristles make them ideal for thick hair. Here are some of the types of hair brushes with their features to make the selection easy:

  • Paddle Brush

These are available in various shapes and sizes. The small paddle hair brush is appropriate for travelling purpose whereas large size brushes are perfect for giving style to hair. You can choose round or square shaped brushes to detangle your hair. These brushes are adequate for blow-drying the medium or short length hair. For thicker and longer hair, select a paddle brush to blow dry hair and then use round brush to continue desired styling. Do not forget to utilize Sephora discount code for buying hair care and styling products on low price.

  • Vent Brush

Basically, a vent brush can tame and detangle frizzy hair. It is ideal for medium and short length hair. You can utilize it as a blow-drying device to give extra volume to your hair.

  • Metal Round Shaped Brush

This is perfect for blow-outs. Choose the bristles as per your requirements and nature of hair. When you blow dry hair with round metal brush, these play a supportive role and add volume. There are different sizes of metal brush. Select ceramic or ionic round metal brush to reduce drying time period.

  • Teasing Brush

It is familiar as backbrushing and used to elevate the volume to specific areas, especially the crown. You can make up-dos with teasing brush. It is available in rectangular form with closely packed bristles.

  • Combs

Mostly combs have fine and wide tooth to detangle wet hair. Keep a comb to give style to your thick hair.

It is suggested to maintain your hair brushes just like other beauty tools. Due to regular styling and different hair treatments, the hair texture changes therefore it is necessary to choose the right brush. Make use of Sephora discount code for getting hair styling and detangling brush on affordable rate. Due to dirt and use of products, hair brush usually gets saturated therefore clean the bristles on regular basis.

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