How to Style a Flowy Shirt

Comfortable fashion is the future. Wearing loose and oversized clothing is chic and airy, which is the best for every season and weather. Every individual must have a flowy button-up shirt in their closet to rock this summer with several mix-and-match looks and leave others in awe. It is even better if a sheer shirt makes the fabric more breathable and fashionable for those who like to style their outfits creatively. These shirts suit every body type perfectly regardless of one’s due to their free and hanging quality. Ensure finding the perfect material to wear cozily and avoid sweating.

Here are a few ways to wear a flowy button-up shirt looking stylish and trendy.


These shirts are perfect to wear with denim due to their flair with the jeans’ rigidity. One can wear multiple variations of jeans like skirts, wide-leg pants, and more to look modern. It is best to wear blue denim since it produces a retro or classic look unparalleled with the other colors like black or grey. Hype this look by wearing a short denim skirt and adding several jeweled accessories on top for a creative outfit.

Keep the bottom half tight since a flowy shirt and pants set might look too much. Bootcut jeans are perfect for such outfits since they only fan out in the end and provide a gentle glamorous look inspired by the 2000s.

Layer with another top

Layering is the best strategy to bring out the clothes’ personality. One can use jackets, accessories, and other items for layering, but in the case of a flowy button-up shirt, it might take away from its beauty. Wear a bandeau top on top of the shirt in a contrasting color to allow flair on the lower half of the oversized material. Use the top underneath if the shirt is sheer material/see-through.

One can also use a dark-colored halter neck on top to give it a grunge look paired with silver accessories. Wear peppy or colorful tops after consulting the color theory to pick the correct contrast and look fashionable. A cropped tank top can do the same trick on the shirt.

Open style

The versatile nature of this shirt allows one to style it in several ways. Open up the buttons and use it like a kaftan on a hot sunny day. It helps people create their style by mixing and matching different outfits to make a new stunning one. The shirt’s flow scrunches up on the side, looking like a shrug that can convert anytime. Wear it with a skirt or bright-colored shorts that reach the shirt’s length for the best looks.

One can wear a sleeveless tank or a crop top inside to feel comfortable and free. Add a belt on top of all the clothes to make them chic and high-fashion. It helps keep the clothes contained and controlled.


Accessorizing can add bonus looks to the outfit to make one stand out from the crowd. Wear golden jewelry with pastel-colored shirts to contrast the colors. Simple necklaces and earrings are the best; ensure choosing a single-colored jewelry item, as different colors can create excessive chaos and ruin the look.

One can wear a hat for a sunny day or beach days to bring the look together and add character. Use hand bangs or tote bags to carry the items and bring a natural essence wholly.

Krystel Carroll