In Europe, Paris, London and Milan share (or fight for) the fashion capital title. Copenhagen, Stockholm and Eastern Europe joined the race. Despite being home to one of the biggest affordable clothing brands and one of the richest men in the industry, Spain watches it from the stands.

I think It’s because Spain doesn’t have the expertise yet. There’s a lot of talent in Spain, talent that needs to be exported the right way,” explains fashion designer Custo Dalmau, founder of Custo Barcelona, guest house of the very first Lanzarote Fashion Weekend. “France knows how to export the fashion made in France. Same thing for Italia and the United States. These countries are pushed to the forefront by a lot of brands. Spain only has Loewe and we need more to establish ourselves on the global high-end and luxury market.

If Spain can’t compete with other fashion heavyweights yet, the country can still claim the crown of favorite holiday spot! The media and influencers discovered a new one in the Canary Islands during Lanzarote Fashion Weekend, a three-day experience that took place between April 11 and April 13. The Custo Barcelona fashion show was the highlight of the event. Custo Dalmau unveiled a Lanzarote-inspired capsule collection at Jameos Del Agua, a breathtaking architectural project inside a volcanic tunnel by César Manrique.

Manrique was born and died in Lanzarote. The late artist and architect still has several landmarks and a major influence on the volcanic island. Lanzarote Fashion Weekend attendees visited some of them, beginning with the Mirador del Río, one of César Manrique’s most representative architectural creations, located near the remains of an ancient military base and camouflaged in the rocky landscape.

The Lanzarote tour went on to the Timanfaya National Park (or Las Montañas del Fuego, the Fire Mountains in english) sitting on 2 to 3 kilometres deep of magma, to the valley of La Geria, a winery laying on volcanic ashes, to Manrique’s mansion (turned into the César Manrique Foundation) and finally to the Jardín de Cactus, a garden where more than 1400 types of cactuses are displayed and preserved.

Art, architecture—both through César Manrique—and nature are definitely the strength of the windy island that was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1993. Its history and environment are perfectly enhanced and keenly protected.

So when the opportunity comes, book a plane ticket, a hotel and go discover this splendid island.

Major thanks to Gracias, XXL Comunicación, the Princesa Yaiza 5-star hotel for a wonderful stay and Eva who single-handedly covered up the incompetence and uselessness of one the worst airline company.

Text by Iggy Nko

Pictures courtesy of Gracias