Car Shipment – How to Inspect Your Car Before and After It Reaches Your Place? 

Car shipment includes many things. You need to first find the best car shipment service in your locality and book their help. They will offer you their quotes, and if you feel it is worth it, then you can hire their help for your automobile shipment.

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Preparing Your Vehicle for the Shipment

Here are some of the tips for preparing your vehicle before transportation.

  • Duplicate the only set of Keys 

You need to provide the keys to ignition, gas cap, trunk, and other such keys to the car shipment service while handing over your car to them. However, if it is the only set of keys that you have, then remember to duplicate these keys beforehand and provide the duplicate keys to them.

  • Verify the Compartments 

Apart from the items that should be shipped in the car, you should not leave behind anything else inside the car. Make sure that you have removed all the documents and other such things that you might have kept in the glove compartment.

  • Fuel Measurement 

Check the volume of gas that is present in the gas tank before you hand over your car to the shipment service. The Department of Transportation has strictly made a rule stating that there should be no more than ¼ tank of gas during the transportation of any vehicle. Hence, make sure that you abide by this rule.

  • Packing the Car 

Do not unnecessarily pack your car with unwanted luggage. The small items can be easily packed inside the trunks, whereas the larger items should be shipped separately. Make sure that you do not leave behind any valuable items inside the car for shipping.

  • Alarm Systems 

Disconnect all the alarm systems that are installed in the car for theft purposes. You need to provide them with a spare remote for switching off all the alarm systems.

  • Wash Your Car 

Wash your car inside out or can get the service center to do the work for you. This will help in decluttering the interior of the car systematically and you will know about what things are present inside the car that is ready for shipment.

Final Inspection

Once you have followed all these above-mentioned tips of preparing your car for the shipment, you need to make sure that you go through all these tips in a reverse manner to find everything in their place after the shipment.

You need to take care of the necessary documents after the shipment of your car to your doorstep. You can go through your belongings thoroughly and can sign the documents after inspecting everything from the exterior to the interior of your car. Remember that you cannot accuse the shipment service of losing any item after you have put your signature on the documents containing the details of the perfect hand-over of your car.

Harriette Guzman