Two days ago, Nicki Minaj posted an image to her Instagram feed. In the caption, she discussed being labeled “The Bad Guy.” What was she hinting at? This evening—kicking-off Milan Fashion Week—we found out: Minaj appeared at Diesel’s San Babila store for a mini-catwalk show and presentation to hype the launch of Haute Couture.

Haute Couture is a bold new message from Diesel. It declares: the more hate you wear, the less you care. Nobody is immune to receiving negative comments online. Hiding it and feeling bad about it is not going to help anyone. Haute Couture is a unique collection designed to disempower hate, by taking the negativity we receive online and turning it into messages of pride that we can wear.

Minaj is Diesel’s Haute Couture campaign headliner, and she is no stranger to receiving online hate. Her Instagram-tease was paralleled alongside a custom treatment at Diesel’s San Babila store, where the windows were graffiti-sprayed with the phrase “DIESEL IS DEAD.” Between Minaj’s post and Diesel’s vandalism, rumors in Milan started to circulate.

A short runway presentation opened the event outside of the store. Ten models appeared on a red carpet stage, each wearing a look from the Haute Couture collection.It ended with Minaj closing the runway and posing with fans, including an autograph signing-session. By hosting the event outside the boutique, each and every one of Minaj’s fans was able to participate. Afterwards, a small, private event was held inside, with Diesel founder Renzo Rosso welcoming many Italian and international celebrities and friends.