J BRAND Private Concert in Los Angeles

J Brand, one of the most popular jeans brands, held a private concert in Los Angeles on September 3 at Zebulon Hotel.

Taking inspiration from the iconic ethos of the ’90s music scene, an era that saw grunge extend down the West coast from Seattle to California, the denim brand captured the stars—real-life couple Elsa Hosk and Tom Daly, and LA-based musical collaborators Rainsford (the daughter of accomplished actor Andie MacDowell) and Twin Shadow—on set at Milk Studios and on location at Zebulon, a legendary music venue that in 2017 relocated from Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood to the East Side of LA.

With HAIM, Elsa Hosk, Alexandra Spencer, Luka Sabbat, Gillian Jacobs, Devon Carlson, Lottie Moss, Rowan Blanchard, Amanda « AJ » Michalka, Stephanie Shepherd, Ireland Baldwin, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Langley Fox, Hayley Law, Brett Robinson, Jesse Rutherford, Twin Shadow, Rainsford and Charlotte Lawrence.