Diorodeo, Dior 2019 cruise collection

“Each of the women presented [in this volume] is one and multiple, both herself and many others, some illustrious and some less well known to us, but all of whom resemble her in some way.” Nicole Loraux, La Grèce au féminin.

The Escaramuzas are traditional Mexican women riders who have claimed the right to participate in the charreada – an equestrian practice of performing several challenging routines before a crowd – just as the male riders do. With their strong, sculpted bodies clad in costumes that emphasize their femininity (full skirts, embroideries, bright colors, large hats and flowers), these women proved an inspiration to Maria Grazia Chiuri, the artistic director of the Dior women’s collections. For the 2019 cruise collection, she interpreted these elements combining tradition and freedom in a contemporary way, in the Domaine de Chantilly, in France.