Sit Down with : Christina Paik

Christina Paik achieved something uncommon: expose herself and draw a lot of attention while keeping her privacy intact.

“The reason why I don’t post my face is because I want people to judge me for my work, not what I look like,” explains the talented photographer and street style darling, adding that she didn’t post her face or talk to the press “for 3, 4 years.”

The media embargo now over, Christina Paik opens herself up more and more. In March, during Paris Fashion Week, Dull Magazine met her at Studio Montmartre, where she casts and shoot models—the “CP Girls”, as she nicknames them.

Look 1: Acne coat, A-COLD-WALL* pants, Louis Vuitton shoes, Cactus Plant flea market hat and T-shirt

Look 2: Off-White sunglasses, Celine top and skirt, Gosha Rubckinskiy jacket, Prada socks and heels

Look 3: Supreme Beanie, A-COLD-WALL* top and bottom, Nike Forces Custom CP, Gentle Monster sunglasses

Look 4: Louis Vuitton total look

Interview Iggy Nko (@iggynko), Video Antoine Guilloteau (,  sound engeneer Jeancy Samba, Photography Moïse Luzolo (@_moiseluzolo), Styling Christina Paik (@christinapaik), Make up Yann Turchi (@yann_turchi), Hair Lisa Michalik(@lisamchlik), in association with 9h29 ArtSpace.

Location: Studio Montmartre, Paris