Cottweiler and the International Woolmark Prize drop a capsule collection

British designers Ben Cottrell and Matthew Dainty attended the launch cocktail at Leclaireur, in Paris.

Cottweiler is riding the Woolmark® wave! 9 months after winning the 2016/2017 International Woolmark Prize, the London-based fashion label launched its collaboration with the prestigious award, parented by The Woolmark Company. The 17-piece capsule collection is available at selected retailers in Sydney, London, Tokyo, Paris and online at Designers Ben Cottrell and Matthew Dainty celebrated the drop by attending a cocktail on Thursday, September 14 at Leclaireur Sévigné, located at 40, rue de Sévigné, in Paris.

“Basically, we recreated classic Cottweiler from our archive with Merino wool,” Ben Cottrell told us at the event. “We got fascinated and obsessed with Merino because it has all the technical properties of the fabrics we use with the main line. The collection is still very typical Cottweiler. From the tailoring details to the tailored cuts, from the more-fitted silhouettes to oversized sportswear… It shows that our previous collections, and the way we developed the brand, are very adaptable to different customers and situations.” At Leclaireur, the Cottweiler x International Woolmark Prize collaboration was displayed in an airport check-in setup, with two male models fully dressed with items of the capsule.

Cottweiler won the 2016/2017 International Woolmark Prize for menswear. The final took place in January at the Palais de Tokyo, in Paris, France.

“The day after the final, we started seeing a different audience noticing Cottweiler for the first time. Of course we have a big, underground following in the U.K., now more in Europe and also in Japan. Winning the Prize opened the brand up to, maybe, a more mature audience, to the guys that read GQ and Esquire,” explains Cottrell about their accomplishment. He concludes: “Massive respect to the Woolmark Company!”

Shop the COTTWEILER x International Woolmark Prize collection at Leclaireur and online at SSENSE.

Interview and text by Iggy Nko (@iggynko).

Photos: Cottweiler x International Woolmark Prize campaign by CG Watkins.

Ben Cottrell, Gabriel Hearst (International Woolmark Prize winner for womenswear) and Matthew Dainty at the 2016/2017 International Woolmark Prize final in Paris, France. January 2017.