Applecore proclaims Fall-Winter 2017 as “No Safety” season

Following the launch of the “Nation,” Applecore comes back with a new collection.

« Nation” was inspired by a major event in France, the 2017 presidential election, during which deep social disparities came to light. « We feel the tension in the media, through the steady rise of the far-right party, the normalisation of racism, of racist acts and police brutality, » Moriba Koné and Steven Alexis explained to Dull ahead of their summer drop. President Emmanuel Macron now in office, the Applecore founders moved up on another, less political and more fashion-related matter: the notion of form and the importance of risk-taking.

« ‘Form’ is important to us, because we are very mindful of the shape, proportions and cuts of the clothes, » Moriba Koné tells us. He continues: « ‘No Safety’ symbolises the fact that we are willing to get out our comfort zone, we do not rest on our laurels and keep on trying new things. » The words are featured on the Applecore Fall-Winter 2017 collection, offering wardrobe classics such as hoodies in black and burgundy, a pair of jeans and a “No Safety” dad hat, but also a cropped blazer jacket, a black kilt and a grey jumpsuit.

The items are displayed in the new applecore look book, shot by David Fitt.

Stay tuned for the release date and price list of the applecore Fall-Winter 2017 collection.

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Text : Iggy Nko (@iggynko)
Photos : David Fitt
Model: Lancelot Prat

Photo of Moriba Koné and Steven Alexis by Valentin Lecron (@valentinlecron) for Dull Magazine.

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